How can a loose gasket on an enclosure be fixed?

The following information is applicable to many of Campbell Scientific’s standard enclosures and prewired enclosures.

Note: The procedure below will not work for torn or damaged seals.

To make a field repair to a loose gasket on an enclosure, first acquire an adhesive, such as standard Gorilla Glue, that is rated for use with polyurethane foam. The adhesive should be compatible with, and recommended for, use with polyurethane foam. Follow these steps:

  1. Pull the gasket away from the gasket channel, being careful not to tear the gasket. The gasket does not need to be removed completely. Rather, remove only those areas that have pulled loose on their own. To keep the gasket up out of the way, lay a small object (such as a toothpick, pen, or pencil) horizontally across the channel.
  2. Using an adhesive that is rated for use with polyurethane foam, apply a small bead of adhesive to the gasket channel. Because the adhesive’s only function is to keep the gasket in place, use it sparingly.
  3. Remove any objects that were holding the gasket out of the way.
  4. Carefully place the gasket in the gasket channel.
  5. Wait 1 to 3 hours for the adhesive to cure before closing the door.

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