I have a CS615 water content reflectometer. I would like to cut the rods so that it will fit in my container. Can I do that?

If the CS615 rod length is reduced, the response of the probe to water content will change, and the recommended calibration is no longer valid. Additionally, reducing rod length will adversely affect the water content measurement resolution. However, the CS615 will respond in a similar manner to the response with standard length rods (30 cm). The response needs to be described for the modified probe to generate a calibration. CS615 water content resolution is better than 0.2% volumetric water content with 30 cm rods. If the rods are cut by 15 cm, water content resolution will be between 1% and 2%. A few additional points are:

  • Probes with rods less than 15 cm may be unstable.
  • A calibration of CS615 output to volumetric water content will have to be established using field or laboratory measurements. Field calibration measurements can be made by recording the CS615 period with the probe in soil, removing the probe and taking samples of known volume for use with gravimetric water contents.
  • Water content measurement resolution will be affected.
  • Cutting the rods will void their warranty.

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