How is the terminal emulator used to set up a COM200 or COM210 using LoggerNet?

There are several pieces of equipment that are needed to make this work correctly: an installed version of LoggerNet 2.1 or greater, the COM200/COM210, an SC532A, an RS-232 cable, and an SC12 cable.

The first step is to connect everything together correctly. Use the SC12 cable to connect the SC532A to the COM200/COM210 modem. Use the RS-232 cable to connect the other side of the SC532A to the COM port on the computer. Make sure that the computer is powered on and that LoggerNet is up on the screen.

In LoggerNet, select Setup ComPort - Generic Modem 1 - Generic Modem 2. Set the baud rate to 9600 baud. On Generic Modem 1, set RTS low and DTR high.

Using the terminal emulator from the Tools menu of LoggerNet, select Generic Modem 2, and select Open Port. Type AT. The modem will respond with a zero indicating communications are established.

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