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Info on update from RTMC Pro 4.3 to RTMC Pro 5 and Loggernet 4.7

AMK Oct 7, 2021 05:31 PM

Hello all,

I just udpated our operational Loggner-Admin and RTMC applications from LN4.5 and RTMC4.3. Running Loggernet 4.7 and RTMC 5.0 doesn't have the polished feel RTMC 4.3 had. I'm wondering if I don't have the sotware set up correctly or if I didn't migrate the 4.3 projects correctly to 5.0. 

Looking for docs on this, thanks,


AMK Oct 7, 2021 05:35 PM

For example, I think I probably installed this. Since all my projects were originally built on 4.3.3, do I need to check if this installed and manuallly delete it? I've already removed all the custom text I had included on teh 4.3.3 projects so the formatting issues are visually resolved but I just wonder if I'm running an incompatible version somewhere. 

For use with RTMC 5.0 or greater projects only. Projects built with RTMC 4.3.3 or older may not display correctly with RTMC Run-time 5.0 and newer.

This patch is intended for the stand alone RTMC Run-time product and will NOT upgrade RTMC Run-time included within products like LoggerNet.  The patch will upgrade all versions between 1.6 and 4.3.3 to the current version 5.0.

AMK Oct 7, 2021 05:36 PM

Do I need to do a total uninstall/wipe directories/re-install? Looking for solutions to get these RMTC projects back to normal. 

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