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Retrieve "no delete" data

Benjamin.vial Oct 8, 2021 01:54 PM


I made some modification on a CR1000 program (delete a measured variable and increase resolution of another measure).

Via DevConfig I :

- stopped the old running program

- send the new program

- launch the new program specifying retain data, and run now, and run on power up.

But I miss to retrieve the very last data (just yesterday) of the old program.

As I picked "retain data", is there a way to obtain these data somehow ?

Every tentatives give me no data during the period previous the new program launch.


JDavis Oct 8, 2021 03:57 PM

If any changes were made to the data tables, the old data was erased when the new program started.

You could try using the data recovery wizard in DevConfig with selecting the previous program. There is a chance some of the data could be recovered. Data Recovery is found in the Backup menu after you connect to the datalogger with Device Configuration Utility.

Benjamin.vial Oct 9, 2021 10:43 AM


thanks for your replie, I'm not sure I'll try it, because it's mean that I have to stop the acquisition during the process. I'll think about it.

It could be an interisting warning note about it, by the way, when there is a window where you can choose to retain or delete data, that in fact these will be erased anyway most of the time... :-)

But I guess this is perfecly explained on the big manual ... My fault.


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