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CR1000 Warning: Watchdog timer IP Panic triggered

furban Oct 15, 2021 06:59 PM

Any suggestions on how to fix this would be much appreciated!  I have a CR1000 that is interfaced to an RF451 and communicates via CSIO and a SC932A.  Data is telemetered via a repeater to a base station (both RF451) and an NL200 Network Link Interface.  The CR1000 is running Std.32.05.  There are CR1000X loggers and RF451's on the same network running OS Std.05.01.  The NL200 OS is NL200.10.03.  The firmware versions on the radios are 10.7.04 and RF451.01.01.

The logger in question recently had a new program uploaded while on site.  I collected the .tdf file and loaded into the loggernet server that contacts the NL200.  I tried multiple times (automated on a schedule) over 3-4 day period to connect to the logger with no luck.  I would always get a Table Defs Suspect error... and no connection.  

I know there were good radio communications because I could monitor the connection via freewave diagnostic software and could poll and collect radio settings and stats.

Something happened though and I have lost all connection to the logger and the radio as well.  (The logger was programmed to turn the radio on and off at certain times during the day).  The only thing that changed in the program that was loaded was to add an option to set a flag to turn the radio on more often than in the previous program- nothing else.

In "Setup" in my loggernet server when I go to the "Program"  tab I see a Last Compile Results date that was 4 days after the site visit when the program was loaded and I have the following error

CR1000 Warning: Watchdog timer IP Panic triggered.

CPU:MYPROGRAM.CR1 -- Compiled in SequentialMode.

Any ideas what to do?  This is in a pretty remote location requiring a multi-day trip for site access and only for another couple weeks before there is too much snow for easy access.

I could potentially schedule a site visit but need some direction on what to do 

swap in logger?  upgrade OS?  I know it does have a good lithium battery - 

There is nothing in the CR1000 manual about the IP Panic error but it is mentioned in the CR1000X manual

Many thanks!

sigfig97 Aug 16, 2023 06:40 PM

I know this is an old thread, but were you able to find the cause of the IP Panic error?

I have six CR1000's giving me this error, all with OS's 32 or higher.  I suspected they were just old and corrupt memory, but when swapped out the new logger also eventually gave the error, so I suspect maybe a setup issue or a program error that the desktop compiler doesn't catch. I also tested the flash memory with a hash file and they check out ok.  The programs run ok, but very occasionally they spontaneously restart or need the program to be re-sent.

JDavis Aug 17, 2023 06:37 PM

The IP Panic happens when the CR1000 receives more IP traffic than it can buffer. Any CR1000 on a public IP address will quickly run into the issue. Hacker server bombard every single public IP address constantly looking for something to hack. Random internet traffic is now 1000s times what it was 20 years ago.

Large LAN networks can have enough network traffic to trigger the issue also. Using a router as a firewall between the datalogger and the network will filter most traffic, and avoid the issue.

CR1000X dataloggers process IP traffic much more quickly than a CR1000. The CR1000X also has a feature in the OS to discard excess traffic gracefully when the buffers are full.

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