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How can I create an IP connection with my CR1000 using a COM111 modem ?

j.magnin Oct 18, 2021 09:53 AM


I’m trying to setup a direct IP connection to a CR1000 datalogger using a COM111 Modem.

For now, I can establish a PPP connection, which gives me the following results:

PPP is the default network.
ppp state: dialed -> IP Opened

From there, using the program below, I can get another IP (calling a web IP API), something like 92.184.XXX.XXX.


Public ip_flag As Boolean
Public ip_api_return As String * 200
Public splitResult(15) As String * 20
Public logger_ip As String * 40

Dim Commands As String * 200

WebPageBegin ("default.html",Commands)
    'Some basic HTTPOut instructions

ip_flag = False
Scan (1,Sec,3,0)
  If ip_flag Then
    HTTPGet ("http://ip-api.com/csv",ip_api_return,"")
    SplitStr(splitResult(), ip_api_return, ",", 15, 5)
    logger_ip = splitResult(14)
    ip_flag = False
  End If

However, no matter which IP I’m trying to use, I can’t connect to my datalogger. Using LoggerLink, it tries to connect without success. Using a web browser, it just tells me that the host is unreachable. I can’t ping the datalogger, even while having checked "Ping (ICMP) Enabled".

This is what I tried so far (without success):

 - adding a "PPPOpen" instruction in my code;

 - changing default PakBus/TCP Port in "Network Services" from 6785 to 80

I tried to configure the modem & the datalogger through Mobile Data Assistant, but for an unknown reason it cannot connect and send configuration to the modem.

Is there an additional step I need to do (like forwarding connection from modem to datalogger)? Or am I missing something else?



nsw Oct 20, 2021 09:01 AM


I guess that the SIM card you are using is a dynamic IP SIM card which is hidden behind the networks firewall. It is not possible with a dynamic SIm to connect directly to its IP address.

There are two solutions :-

1. Use the KonectPakBusRouter solution. See details here :

KonectPBRouter: PakBus Routing Service (campbellsci.co.uk)

Using this solution, the CR1000 connects to the PakBus routing port in the cloud and when LoggerLink or LoggerNet connects to that same point in the cloud, data and normal communications between Campbell Scientific software and the datalogger can take place using the PakBus protocol.

2. Purchase a static IP SIM card from a network supplier that is either Public facing or within the supplier network and they supply you with VPN access to gain access to the IP address. In this way you can get direct access to the datalogger through the COM111 modem.

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