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Trying to get data from a Google Sheets to use in RTMC Pro

Tom Bogi Oct 20, 2021 05:10 PM

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to export data from a Google Sheets or Excel to then be displayed over on the RTMC Pro Dev? In the manage data sources it does say you can add a data file. Right now I could only save the Data as .csv (not TOA5)  which I then re-saved as a .dat file but on other forums it does say that you can you use .dat file that isn't TOA5 you just also need a .fsl file. I don't really know what that is? Google searches don't really seem to pull up anything and I don't know if maybe there is another work around. My experience is very limited in this area, so any help would be much appriciated. 

Background. I work for a Canal Company where water might be a little scarcer in the futer so in order to keep as much water as we possible can, we were trying to manage it so that when the ditch riders get an order for water on their canals they can monitor how much water is ordered vs how much is going down that canal so as to not waste any. The information would then be displayed on the dashboard via the webserver that they have access to by phone or their chromebooks. This is all being worked on and will be mostl likely be used next season if we can get it to work. Right now our website uses a google order form which then that data is then transferred to Google sheets. Again I'm a little new to this so I'm not even sure if it wil be possible to keep doing this as their are a lot of variables among just this problem.

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