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CR1000 unresponsive after sending program?

jh Oct 23, 2021 01:05 AM

We have several CR1000 units in remote monitoring locations, and access them through IP connections (CELL210 modems, if relevant). We normally don't have issues with updating programs in the CR1000s, but for some reason the unit won't come back online after sending a new program.

The program just adds a few more parameters compared to the old one, so I can't imagine it being an issue. They typically disconnect and come back online ina minute or two, but this one has been down for a day at this point. Any pointers to do before physically accessing the unit would be much appreciated.

The error messages received are:

Failure: 10/22/2021 15:05:18.846
transaction failure","unreachable destination","check/set clock
Failure: 10/22/2021 15:05:18.846
delivery failure received","timed out or resource error
Failure: 10/22/2021 14:28:46.597
open failed","unexpected socket close","10060","connection timed out

Which makes it seem like the CR1000 itself is unresponsive.


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