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Use a Pointer to reference Datatables

creisinger Oct 29, 2021 04:41 PM

I am needing to dynamically call different tables to copy data from them and combine into a single array. But I want to store the memory locations to an array:

SensorDataAddress(1) = @Datatable1.Param(1,1)
SensorDataAddress(2) = @Datatable2.Param(1,1)
SensorDataAddress(3) = @Datatable3.Param(1,1)

Then I have a loop to consolidate them:

HS_RegCopyStartPos = 1
For i = 1 To HowManySensors
TempHSpntr = SensorDataAddress(i) 'Move pointer from array to temp since cannot reference array locations
For j = 1 To SensorNumParams(i)
HS_Data(HS_RegCopyStartPos) = !TempHSpntr
'Update Array index and Pointer address for next datapoint
HS_RegCopyStartPos += 1
TempHSpntr += 1
Next j

I know the loop works because if I map the Pointer array to the raw data it works:

SensorDataAddress(1) = @Sensor1Params(1)
SensorDataAddress(2) = @Sensor2Params(1)
SensorDataAddress(3) = @Sensor3Params(1)

The Address array is used in multiple places for various things so I don't want to hardcode it or have a bunch of If statements pointing to the specifc table for each sensor. I tried using a pointer to move the datatable name in as well but it had issues with the dimensions not lining up

Thanks, any help would be appriciated

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