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CR6 with DDNS not accessible

smile Oct 31, 2021 09:15 AM

Hi to all.

I have a CR6 ethernet connected to a 4G router and with DDNS set.

Now from remote I reach the router and this makes me think that DDNS works.

Before modifying the CR6 program to read a new SDI12 probe everything worked correctly and the logger was reachable via static IP generated by DDNS, now not anymore.

Now however the CR6 can be reached through the pakbusTCPserver (CR6 call my office IP with PC and LoggerNet).

What can I check?



Sam Nov 1, 2021 05:28 AM


Previously, you could reach the router and the datalogger via the DDNS IP address.

You sent a program to the datalogger, which causes it to reboot.

You can still reach the router via the DDNS IP.

You can no longer reach the datalogger via the DDNS IP.

My first thought is that TCP port forwarding in the router is no longer valid. Maybe the datalogger rebooted and got a new IP address from the router, breaking the port forwarding rules.

smile Nov 1, 2021 09:26 AM

Dear Sam, thanks for the reply.

The logger has a fixed IP, DHCP is disabled, I'll still look into the router rules for a check.

But just now I talked to the person who has the management and he says that the IP connection is fluctuating, he rarely connects, while in my tests never connect via IP, but the pakbusTCPserver always answered me.


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