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CR1000x and SCD30

NKrueg Nov 12, 2021 09:51 PM

Hello all, I'm relatively new to I2C communication, and I'm having a difficult time seting up communication between the SCD-30 sensor and the CR1000x. I'm not sure as to where to start and any help would be appreciated.

NKrueg Nov 14, 2021 06:21 PM

This is my code:

Public sense_out As String *19

Dim cont_meas As Long = {&H010000081}
Dim meas_inrv As Long = {&H46000005E3}
Dim cmd1 As Long = {&H0300}

'Main Program
  I2COpen (C1, 1000000)
  I2CWrite (C1,&H30,cont_meas,5,&H03)
  Delay (0,5,Sec)
  I2CWrite (C1,&H30,meas_inrv,5,&H03)
  Delay (0,5,Sec)
    I2CWrite (C1,&H30,cmd1,2,&H03)
    Delay (0,3,Sec)
    I2CRead (C1,&H30,sense_out,18,&H03)

 For reference, here is the SCD30 Interface Description.

While in the Data Monitor tab of the PC400, sense_out is returning a string of "?".

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