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network planner, cr1000 and linuxln

HMNIBIO Nov 17, 2021 02:17 PM


I want to collect data from some loggers using linuxln.

What I have: A 1000x and a 1000, both in our local network by the means of modems + SIM cards with static IPs.Further loggers will be added in the future.

The following works

- Use IP-connetions in Connect

- connecting the network planner from a windows LN to the linux LN server

- add loggernet and a CR1000x to the network, add an IP connection. I will find out later if collection on a schedule actually works

What does not work

- connect a CR1000 via IP in the network planner. The only option I get up is serial connection without the option to provide an IP

What I wonder about

- I should be able to collect from both loggers by setting up one network and assigning different pakbus-addresses, correct?

- It might be overkill to set up a whole network for a couple of loggers. Would a better solution be to add a couple of tasks to the server? Can this be achieved by creating tasks in the tasks master on windows and sending them to the server in some way, like the network configuration can be send?


jtrauntvein Nov 17, 2021 02:49 PM

The CR1000 alone does not provide native IP unless you connect to one of its serial ports using PPP.  In order to provide ethernet services on the CR1000, an NL115 or NL116 needs to be attached to its expansion port.  Alternatively, an NL201 (ethernet) or NL241 (wifi) can be connected to the datalogger CS I/O port and configured for bridge mode.  The Networ=k Planner provides all of these options and, if you use an NL2xx device, will also generate the settings for those device types.  You can add these devices by dropping them from the device palette onto the datalogger icon.

HMNIBIO Nov 17, 2021 03:03 PM

Thanks! So the logger itself does not have an IP. For Connect, it is the IP of the SIM I use, correct? Is there a way to represent that connection in the Network Planner? I would prefer not having to add another module to the logger cabinet. But it might very well be that I am looking for a shortcut here that does not exist.

jtrauntvein Nov 17, 2021 08:35 PM

Yes, sorry, I did not notice that you had stated an intention to use cellular modems.  In that case, you would attach a "Generic Cell Modem" type device to your datalogger object and, yes, the IP address would be the static IP address assigned by you sim.  Configuring the network planner in this way will configure the datalogger to use PPP over one of its serial ports.

HMNIBIO Nov 23, 2021 09:28 AM

Good morning,

so I have still not gotten this to work. I have an open ticket with our IT to find out if it is just an issue of a firewall blocking the traffic.The infrastructure looks like this

                               -> COM110 phone modem (sim w fixed IP) -> RS232 -> CR1000

loggernet server

                              -> RV50 modem (sim w fixed IP) -> ethernet hub -> ethernet port on CR1000x -> CR1000x (with its own IP)

With the Windows client, I can call both stations easily by IP. I was hoping to be able just to transfer those call settings to the server and do a scheduled collection. Is there a way to do that? So far, I have created a representation of the connections in network planner (I think, at least):  CR1000 + other cellular on RS232 + TCP-connection and CR1000X +  TCP connection. Which resulted in this:


{{tcp-CR1000Xname} 41 tcp-com-port 0}
{{pkb-4001} 43 pakbus-port 1}
{{CR1000Xname 45 CR1000X 2}
{{tcp-CR1000name} 42 tcp-com-port 0}
{{pkb-4000} 44 pakbus-port 1}
{{CR1000name} 46 CR1000 2}

 I have transferred the resulting settings file to the CR1000. There are many more settings made on the CR1000x, I therefore only compared the settings and made sure everything present in the network planner output was also in the settings on the logger.

When I do get-table-defs in corascript now, I get "communication failure".

Does the approach look right?

Should this work if there is no firewall interference and all network settings are correct (which still might not be the case)?

Suggestions for further error search?

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