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Is there a windows service (or .NET library) version of LoggerNet?

dtimms Jan 6, 2022 10:10 PM

Currrently using LoggerNet software to retrieve data from a remote air station, and this solution runs 24x7, continually pulling down files. But this approach is risky in case the VM on which Loggernet resides restarts (e.g. Windows updates, etc), and the Loggernet software doesn't automatically restart upon server startup. Is there another option, where the Loggernet GUI doesn't need to be continually running, perhaps just a Loggernet Windows Service instead. 

Or better yet, a C# library that our program can call to initiate Loggernet file retrieval?

jtrauntvein Jan 7, 2022 02:56 PM

LoggerNet Admin version has the ability to install as a service and also has the ability for its clients to connect to LoggerNet servers on remote computers using TCP/IP.  In terms of automation, there is an Active-X based SDK but, perhaps, a much easier way is to use a CLI application called cora_cmd (installed with the LoggerNet binaries).  This utility can accept commands from the standard input device and also has the option to run scripts specified in files or the command line.  It does not, however, have the ability to start or to restart the LoggerNet service.

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