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Using one Cell215 for different dataloggers

Lleida May 28, 2022 07:50 AM


I have a set of four dataloggers (1 CR1000X, and 3 CR800) located in one experimental field and the distances between the dataloggers are really low (20 to 30 m as maximum), and I acquired one CELL215 Modem (originally to connect with the CR1000X). My question is if is possible to connect the whole set of four dataloggers with only one modem.

And if is possible, where can I find the procedure to do it


Joan Girona 

smile May 29, 2022 07:08 PM

you can use the RS232, CSIO, digital ports set as serial ports, of the various loggers and create a network of loggers, each with its own pakbus address different from the others. A 3-wire cable with shield is sufficient. With loggernet you can connect the other loggers to the CR1000X and create the network.

This one of the example


I should delve into the subject never faced in practice, but thinking quickly you will have to use 3 serial ports on the CR1000X to communicate with the 3 CR800s. Other solutions in cascade could make you use a port on the CR1000X that communicates with a CR800 which in turn can communicate with the next one with another RS232 port, so on 2 of the CR800s you need to use 2 serial ports. Everything would be more streamlined with radio or wifi devices on all loggers or via RS485 converters on remote loggers since the CR1000X already has this type of protocol on some digital ports (C5 / C6 or C7 / C8). It might be complicated to make on your own, I suggest you to hear the local dealer for the best solution, however with certainty I confirm that it is achievable.

you can reach the loggers individually or have all the measurements of the 3 remote loggers on the CR1000X as a master, to download data with a single connection, the options offered by the pakbus are varied


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