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download the data from a CR800 with a wget command

Cmbapt Jun 2, 2022 08:25 AM


I am trying to connect by 3G/4G a measurement station to the internet to retrieve its data. I want to find an energy efficient solution. But I have to respect our infrastructure. That is, download the data with a wget command from a remote server. We have already done this with a CR800 and an NL201. For this time, I want to remove the NL201 and directly connect a modem to the CR800 by rs232 or CS I/O. Does my CR800 have an http server? Can I initialize an http connection without the NL201?
Thanks !

smile Jun 2, 2022 08:36 PM

the PPP connection allows the CR800 to connect to the internet via the 4G connection, but will you be able to reach it? I know that GSM modem connections have private (and not fixed) IP. Usually in this situation you have the possibility that the logger reaches fixed IPs. There is a CS Konect Data Services cloud service, or you can reach a logger support sw that runs on a PC with a fixed IP, or send emails or send data to an FTP server. While if you have a router you could get a connection to the logger via a VPN or Dinamic DNS and download data like in your previous system.


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