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Factory Reset CR500

soildoc Jun 22, 2022 04:34 PM

I am working with a few CR500 datalogger models. I am attempting to reporgram to deploy weather stations in the field. These loggers were used by a different lab a number of years ago. After writing a program using shortcut, I was able to send the program with success. However, when attempting to collect data, I was unablle to overwrite the previous data. These seemed to be because the CR500 is a mixed array of a CR510-PB, CR500-TD, and CR9000X. 

I am wondering if there is a way to restore the CR500 to factory settings. 

Thank you!

smile Jun 25, 2022 01:47 PM

*A mode, goto until parameter 5 and key 98765

this completely reset the logger


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