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SDM8X50 test

smile Jun 28, 2022 10:42 AM

Hi to All

its possible make some test to SDM8X50 without TDR200? but only wired to CR1000(X) 

for example its possible check the connection between the common and a selected input?



nsw Jun 29, 2022 10:45 AM

There is an SDMX50 instruction in CRBasic for the CR1000(X) which allows you to test out a level of multiplexers. There is no mention of the SDM8X50 in this instruction, but I guess it should operate in the same way.

You could write a loop program which waits for variable to be set high, then switch to the channel you want using this instruction. Check the continuity. Set the variable high, move to the next channel, etc, etc.

smile Jun 29, 2022 11:21 AM

that's exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks a lot

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