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CR3000 12V output only 0.12V

tjwilli_58 Jul 21, 2022 01:23 PM

I've noticed recently that I was getting NANs from some of the sensors connected to my CR3000. I found that the 12V output is only reading 0.12V from a multimeter. I'm getting 12V to the CR3000 from the CH200. 

Any suggestions? Thanks

JDavis Jul 21, 2022 08:39 PM

Disconnect the sensors from 12V, then measure again to see if the voltage came up. There is a thermal fuse on the terminal. If overloaded, the voltage will drop. Reconnect sensors 1 by 1 to see what is pulling so much current.

tjwilli_58 Jul 22, 2022 03:21 PM

Thanks for the reply. I had disconnected all the wires from the terminal and reconnected, but I'll try again the next time I'm down there. (The site is a 1.5 hour drive from where I live/work.) I did try to recycle the power to the datalogger, but that also didn't help.  That terminal is a bit crowded. I have at least 3 wires going into it.

I checked the same terminal on another datalogger and was getting 12V. We have 4 stations with similar configurations. 

Looking at the .dat file, Something happened at 2022-06-30 19:25:00. Yes, I've had issues with that station for awhile. I just finally thought to put a multimeter on that terminal. 

"2022-06-30 19:20:00",34595,25.82,25.96,25.64,69.79,70.71,68.86,1012.665,1013.066,1012.195,19.9,19.99,19.8,78.47,78.47,78.47,0.753,170.8,1.3,0,0,"","NAN","","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN",9.85,12.31,2.463,0.2,-46.35,391.4,437.7,-36.5,403.7,440.2,27.02,26.07,25.95,"NAN","NAN","NAN"
"2022-06-30 19:25:00",34596,"NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN",-10,"NAN","NAN",0,"NAN",0,0,"","NAN","","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN","NAN",7.448,8.9,1.455,0.163,-44.12,392.5,436.6,-36.68,401.4,438,26.98,26.04,25.95,"NAN","NAN","NAN"

I used to think that I may have done something to the datalogger that day, but I know I wasn't there at that time. Maybe a storm? I don't know. the other 3 wxstations are ok at that site.

tjwilli_58 Jul 22, 2022 03:25 PM

If I disconnect all of the sensors from the 12V output terminal, I should still be able to read 12V from the multimeter, correct?

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