Le nouvelle OS de la CR6 est arrivé.

Il s'agit de la version 3.0.

N'hésitez pas à le télécharger ici.

Petit rappel pour installer un nouvel OS (Vous pourrez retrouver cette decription dans Device configuration utility 2.10)

This page is used to download an operating system to the CR6 using the datalogger's boot code. As a result of this process, the datalogger will reset all of its memory including programs, data, and settings. You can avoid the loss of program and settings by first connecting to the datalogger and choosing Back Up Datalogger from the Backup menu. Alternatively, the operating system can be sent to the datalogger by connecting to the datalogger and using the Logger Control tab. This alternative method is more likely (although not guaranteed) to preserve the programming and settings of the datalogger.

1. Make sure that the USB drivers are installed for the CR6.

2. Connect the USB port on the datalogger to a USB port on your computer.

3. Make sure that the appropriate serial port is selected in the left panel and click the Start button below.

4. Select the operating system image to send to the device in the resulting file open dialogue.

5. If you are running the device configuration utility from inside LoggerNet, PC200W, PC400, or RTDaq, the program will show an Avoid Conflicts with the Local Server dialogue that will allow you to temporarily disable communications on the specified port while the device configuration utility uses that port. Press OK to perform this operation or Bypass to proceed without adjusting the host application.

6. The operating system will now be sent to the datalogger. You should allow this to run to completion. Cancelling the operation can leave the datalogger without a valid operating system to run.

7. Once the operating system has been sent to the datalogger, its program will be cleared and all of its settings will be reset to their default values. If the datalogger was previously set up, you will need to connect to it and edit its settings to restore the previous set-up.

8. Once the OS has been sent to the datalogger, if you desire to remove power from the datalogger, you must wait at least 10 seconds before doing so. This will give the datalogger the time that it needs to update flash memory locations.

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