How to Achieve Unmatched Vibrating Wire Speeds

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VWire 305 used with other Campbell Scientific equipment in an enclosure

In today's fast-paced world, accurate and rapid data acquisition is crucial. You can meet this critical need by capturing your data at unprecedented speeds of up to 200 times per second. I’ll explain how in this blog article.

Pioneering Data Acquisition

I’m excited to say that, at Campbell Scientific, we’ve designed the Granite™ VWire 305 8-Channel Dynamic Vibrating Wire Analyzer as an innovative vibrating wire interface that stands at the forefront of data-acquisition technology. The VWire 305 works seamlessly with the CR6 Automated Monitoring Platform, which you may already be using. It also leverages the advanced controller area network peripheral interface (CPI) communications protocol to offer unmatched flexibility and performance, thereby setting a new standard in the infrastructure industry.

Redefining Speed and Precision

The VWire 305 is revolutionizing data acquisition to provide the precision, efficiency, and speed essential for structural projects, as well as for some geotechnical projects. While traditional static measurement methods often fall short in delivering the comprehensive and immediate data needed for informed decision-making, the VWire 305 changes the game with its dynamic capabilities:

  • Measurement rates of 20, 50, 100, or even 200 times per second
  • Real-time data accuracy, ensuring a thorough understanding of monitored phenomena

By switching from static to dynamic monitoring, the VWire 305 removes the uncertainties associated with your long-period measurements. Dynamic monitoring offers detailed insights into rapid changes and fluctuations in strain, load, displacement, or pore pressure. This capability is vital when you want to conduct laboratory tests or when you want to gain a deeper understanding of system behaviors in large-scale structures.

The Power of VSPECT® Technology

At the heart of the VWire 305's superior performance is our patented VSPECT vibrating wire measurement technology. By combining this technology with multiple analog-to-digital (A/D) converters, the VWire 305 delivers precise and accurate measurements.

Recommended for You: You can get a more in-depth understanding of VSPECT technology by visiting our VSPECT Essentials page.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Functionality

The VWire 305's versatility extends further with its integration capabilities. This analyzer is compatible with a wide range of standard vibrating wire sensors, including:

  • Strain gauges
  • Load cells
  • Crack meters
  • Strand meters
  • Piezometers

Not only that, but you can combine the VWire 305 with the Granite Volt 108 or 116 5V Analog Input Module to support non-vibrating wire sensors to facilitate high-speed measurements across various sensor types.

All this functionality is accessible through a single CPI port on a CR6, offering you unparalleled flexibility and performance in data acquisition.*

Transforming Data Acquisition: Key Features and Benefits

Just to be clear, the VWire 305 isn't just about cutting-edge technology. Rather, it's about transforming how we approach data acquisition. The following are some key points I want to make sure you’re aware of when it comes to what this analyzer can offer you. The VWire 305:

  • Is designed for vibrating wire sensors to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.
  • Has high-speed measurement capabilities to capture data at rates of up to 200 measurements per second.
  • Offers precision with VSPECT technology that uses multiple A/D converters for accurate measurements.
  • Features dynamic monitoring to convert static measurements into detailed, dynamic insights.
  • Integrates with Volt modules to expand its functionality and include non-vibrating wire sensors.

Leading the Way in Data Acquisition

The VWire 305 represents a leap forward in data-acquisition technology. By providing real-time, precise, and dynamic data, the analyzer empowers engineers and researchers to make more informed decisions more quickly. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, tools such as the VWire 305 are essential for driving progress and innovation in our field.

If you are ready to significantly enhance your data-acquisition capabilities, I encourage you to contact our application engineers or sales team today to discover how the VWire 305 can enhance your CR6. Let’s lead the way in data acquisition together!

*In addition to the CR6, the VWire 305 is compatible with any Campbell Scientific data logger that supports CPI bus communications.

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