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Version : 15
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Mis à jour le : 29-07-2022

Campbell Scientific has introduced a new operating system, OS15, for the CS120A visibility sensor and CS125 present weather sensor. It is backwards compatible and is easily installed on all CS120A and CS125 sensors (but not older CS120 sensors). OS15 is available free of charge and can be downloaded here or supplied by email on request.

Upgrade to OS 15 is recommended.

Changes to both CS120A and CS125.

OS15 brings an enhancement to the dirty window monitoring system, which further reduces the risk of false saturation events under extreme (bright) conditions.

OS15 provides support for new hardware, including a change to the main LED light source.

Some minor bug fixes have been implemented with this latest OS.

Changes to CS125 only

Extensive improvement to the present weather algorithm regarding frozen precipitation has been achieved, capturing the particle size more accurately which also improves the liquid water content estimation.

OS15 adds hail to the list of present weather codes the CS125 can now measure and identify without requiring third party hardware.

OS15 includes a precipitation calibration feature that allows users to adjust the reported precipitation amounts for rain, snow, hail, snow grains and ice pellets (independent of each other).

A minor bug fix has been employed to correct for external temperature and humidity probe error handling.