Is data lost when the datalogger battery runs out of power in the field or is disconnected, and a “table definitions out of date” error message appears upon powering up?

Data will only be lost if the datalogger’s internal 3 V battery is also bad. The “table definitions out of date” message simply implies that the datalogger is running a program that the PC software does not recognize.  After successfully connecting, the message “updating table definitions” should appear.  This means that the PC software has knowledge of the program running on the datalogger and should not affect data stored on the datalogger.

The datalogger assigns two attributes for program files:

  • Run now: specifies the file should be run as the current program
  • Run on power up: specifies that the file should be run as the program when the datalogger powers up

If the latter option is not set for the datalogger, the datalogger will not have a program running when it powers up, which will result in lost data. For more information, see the “How Do You Run?” article. 

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