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Learn some interesting trivia about the site for this project: the beautiful, yet dangerous, Mount Everest. 

It has been estimated that your odds of dying trying to climb up Mount Everest are 1 in 61.

The descent is more risky, as your estimated chance of dying increases to 1 in 27.

  • Elevation: 8,850 m (29,035 ft)

  • Age of Mount Everest: > 60 million years

  • Fastest measured wind speed at the South Col (7,945 m [26,066.27 ft]): 66.4 m/s (148 mph)

  • Lowest measured temperature at the Balcony (8,430 m [27,657.48 ft]): -44.5°C (-48.1°F)

  • Year of first-known summit attempt: 1921

  • Year of first-known successful summit: 1953

  • Age of youngest person to reach the summit: 13

  • Age of oldest person to reach the summit: 80

  • Number of climbers who have died on Mount Everest: 300+

  • Most successful summits performed by one person: 24

  • Average expedition length: 39 days

  • Fastest known sea level to summit ascent: 14 days


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