NL200 / NL201 Firmware 8
Updated: 07-10-2016

  1. NOTE: When updating to OS 8 from OS 6 or previous, settings will be reinitialized to factory defaults. When updating to OS 8 from OS 7, settings will be retained.
  2. Improved handling of the TCP transmit queue to continue transmitting once the queue fills up. This fixes an issue that led to TCP communications to quit under a heavy traffic load.
  3. Increased supported TCP connections from 20 to 50.
  4. Changed PakBus to send TCP broadcast messages as link-state rather than control group (capabilities) if the unquoted protocol is not supported.
  5. Changed PakBus to not send a delivery failure notification for BMP messages that don't expect a response.
  6. Changed it so the device is still able to communicate over USB when in bridge mode power-down.
  7. Updated PakBus BroadCast() function to act the same as datalogger's. Now will broadcast to all neighbors including those on TCP links.