NL240 Firmware 5
Updated: 13-09-2013

  1. Changed default RS-232 and CS I/O configurations to PakBus.
  2. Added TCP Serial Client service to RS-232 port.
  3. Added support for IPv6 networks.
  4. Added support for fully qualified host names for PakBus/TCP client and TCP Serial client settings.
  5. Added support for DNS query and added DNS server settings. Settings allow a user to specify up to 3 DNS server addresses for resolving fully qualified host names. These settings are overridden by DNS servers obtained by DHCP.
  6. Added Modbus TCP Gateway service to CS I/O port.
  7. Added Bridge Mode Forward Code setting. This setting allows the user to further reduce the type and amount of packets forwarded to the datalogger over the CS I/O port. For example, a setting of 65531 will forward all relevant packets except UDP Broadcast packets.
  8. Fixed Ad Hoc mode so that it works in environments where there are no other Wi-Fi networks present. Previously, the NL240 would not complete the boot sequence when started in the absence of another Wi-Fi network.
  9. Improved Telnet terminal service by echoing a single character when entering a password at the prompt.
  10. Improved Telnet terminal service by outputting "session closed" when the Telnet session is ended.
  11. Improved event log functionality by adding eventloga command to terminal service.
  12. Improved configuration via terminal by making all settings always accessible and by adding up/down arrow key navigation of settings.
  13. Improved low level traffic monitoring via terminal.
  14. Improved refreshing of current IP status information when viewed by Device Configuration Utility.
  15. Improved IP status by reporting additional information including the datalogger's IP and MAC address when configured with bridge mode enabled.
  16. Improved watchdog task to for enhanced handling of potential stack overflows.
  17. Improved handling of full serial buffers that was causing serial port connections to become unresponsive.
  18. Changed settings so DHCP is not forced to disable when bridge mode is enabled. DHCP setting only affects device when bridge mode is disabled.
  19. Improved PakBus service to send hello request out serial ports configured for PakBus service 4 seconds after boot up.
  20. Improved PakBus service by adding support for Central Routers and Central Routers setting.
  21. Improved handling of sleep and wakeup commands received from a datalogger using the IPNetPower() instruction to control the power state of the attached NL2xx device.
  22. Improved bridge mode enabled behavior to ring logger when communications have not taken place for 8 seconds. This was added to improve discovery of NL2xx device by a datalogger that is already powered up.
  23. Changed USB enumeration process so that the device always enumerates as the same com port when possible
  24. Improved Modbus TCP Gateway so that Modbus TCP packets can be split across one or more TCP packets.
  25. Improved Modbus RTU to properly handle RTU message with function byte error bit set.
  26. Changed behavior of red LED so that it will come on solid when searching for or joining networks and will go back to blinking or solid when done depending on the low power mode setting.