CCFC Firmware 2.8
Updated: 30-11-2022

  1. Added SD Reformat in camera.
  2. Added send configurable device name to DHCP server.
  3. Added save NDVI as raw data in CSV or BIN format.
  4. Added save raw images from NDVI captures.
  5. Added all low-level capture parameters to EXIF data in JPEG.
  6. Added option to include lens position in filename.
  7. Added configurable fine tune focus range.
  8. Increase file name length from 31 to 255 characters.
  9. Reduced focus fine tune adjustment operations.
  10. Added manual entry for focus/zoom numbers on webpage.
  11. Updated MSTMP version.
  12. Updated OpenSSL version.
  13. Updated BusyBox version.
  14. Updated Campbell Device Config variables to match web interface.
  15. Improved Wi-Fi programming success rate.