CS475A OS .01
Updated: 08-11-2017

  1. Increased the stack size to resolve a case where the software would blow the stack.
  2. Updated the response to some of the SDI-12 V1.4 commands so that the CS475A passes all of the newly released SDI-12 Verifier tests.
  3. Updated the code so that the CS475A passes all of the SDI-12 Verifier tests regardless of whether they are for supported commands or not.
  4. Resolved processor errata sheet issue by changing the UART clock source from the High Frequency DCO to the 32768 Hz Crystal, and adding delays at the end of interrupt service routines.
  5. Resolved an issue with failing OS downloads by resetting the serial flash at the beginning of an OS download
  6. Removed the Vega OS version information from the response to the SDI-12 V command.