CR350 OS 01.03
Updated: 03-06-2022

  1. (New Feature) Added support for the embedded cellular communication options.
  2. (New Feature) Added support for the embedded radio communication options.
  3. (Major) Fixed a CR350-Cell2XX settings bug.
  4. (Minor) Removed Default DNS address (
  5. (Minor) Removed the “Server:” line in the HTTP header.
  6. (Minor) Updated the SDI12-Recorder retry timeout to meet the SDI-12 specification.
  7. (Minor) Fixed the SerialBrk() timing issues and enabled this function over RS485.
  8. (Minor) Fixed a DNP3 error that occurred when a specific index request began at an index > 0.
  9. (Minor) DNP3 now supports more than 250 analog input values.