PC9000 Patch 5.3

  1. AM25T Support in the 9000 Generator: Programs may now be generated for the CR9000X that contain up to 14 AM25T modules. Chart screens are included to assist with wiring issues.
  2. CR9052 SubScans : Filtered measurements are now placed inside a fast subscan so that other kinds of measurements may be made at a rate slower than the filtering scan rate. Use of Individual samples and FFT measurements are coordinated in subscans that are of the correct size and timing.
  3. SDMCAN Transmit/Receive support : The CANBUS screen now includes functionality for generating Transmit/Receive CANBUS pairs. This enables generic/customized ability to request particular PIDs, as well as use of the J1979 Legislated PIDs from an included pick-list.
  4. CR9058E Support in the 9000 Generator: Full support for generation of programs for the 9058E hardware is now available, including the use of the isolated measurements in a slow-running subscan, and setting up the Filter Order and integration time of the modules.
  5. Running Average Support in the 9000 Generator: The Calculated Fields screen in the 9000 Generator now includes a Running Average tab for calculating running averages from existing measurements in the generator program.
  6. CR9052IEPE Support: The excitation capability for the CR9052IEPE is now available in the Filter setup screen. Radio buttons allow users to switch between the CR9052DC and the CR9052IEPE excitation modes for filter modules.