TX321 transmitter

Campbell Scientific is pleased to announce the TX321, a new satellite transmitter that supports GOES HDR Version 2, Meteosat SRD, and International DCS operation. The TX321 provides an easy and reliable way for Campbell Scientific data collection platforms (DCP) to transmit data over geostationary satellites. It is typically used by government agencies and sponsored research organizations that transmit environmental data.

The TX321 features:

  • Configuration and diagnostics that are easily performed by the datalogger or computer
  • Extremely stable clock, allowing up to 28 days of operation between GPS fixes―more reliable operation in areas with poor GPS reception
  • Automatic GPS-based correction of real-time clock and temperature-compensated oscillator (TCXO)
  • Low quiescent power draw

The TX321 is a drop-in replacement for the retired TX320, TX312, and SAT HDR GOES transmitters. Therefore, you can exchange the transmitters without changing the datalogger, program, antennas, or power supply in your station.