CR6 OS 10.00
Updated: 27-02-2020

  1. (New Feature) Added support for the TX325 satellite transmitter.
  2. (New Feature) CPIStatus now reports the CDM OS version in the ModuleInfo() array when used with CDM_VW300/VWIRE305 OS 6 or newer, or CDM_A100/VOLT116 OS 7 or greater, or TEMP120 OS 2 or greater. There is no requirement for the CDM or datalogger OS to be updated or matched, unless a customer wants to see the CDM OS version. If either the datalogger or CDM OS does not have this update, the OS information is just ignored (not reported in CPIStatus).
  3. (New Feature) CDM_VW300Config() now allows the Device Type parameter to be specified as either 2 or VWIRE305. Prior to this change, only VWIRE305 was valid.
  4. (New Feature) Added WatchdogTimer() function that allows a user-programmed watchdog timer to be enabled.
  5. (New Feature) DNS settings now allow IPv6 addresses. Requires Device Configuration Utility 2.23 or greater.
  6. (New Feature) The data logger IP stack now fully supports IPv6.
  7. (New Feature) The data logger now supports VJ TCP/IP Header Compression for compatibility with the RV50 firmware v4.11 and newer.
  8. (New Feature) Added Tablename.TableBytes functionality. This special field, TableBytes, will return the allocated size for a table on a card (or the CPU if a card is not used or not inserted). EXAMPLE: Tbytes = Test.TableBytes, Tsize = Test.TableSize, Recsize = Tbytes /Tsize.
  9. (Major) Fixed IP Panic watchdogs observed on busy networks and process intensive data logger programs. Increased memory for communication event handling.
  10. (Major) Corrected Ethernet network ceasing operation. This was observed on 10Mbps networks when attempting to send significant amounts of data rapidly, often with the RV50 modem.
  11. (Minor) Implicit FTPS (FTP via TLS) now works as expected with port 990.
  12. (Minor) FTPS (FTP via TLS) now works correctly when running in a Slow Sequence.
  13. (Minor) A compile error is now generated if there is a PPP conflict with CPI on COMRS232.
  14. (Minor) Therm107(), Therm108(), and Therm109() functions now compile correctly when repetitions are used with excitation channels other than VX1.
  15. (Minor) Connect Screen, send Program Table Fill Times are now reported correctly when a program is resent with a different Scan rate, and no other modifications.
  16. (Minor) The TCPOpen() optional timeout parameter can now be specified as ,, or as 0 for the default.
  17. (Minor) The Field Name in Tablename.FieldName can now be declared as a constant. Note that Table Name could already be declared as a constant.
  18. (Minor) Modified SDM operation to resolve skipped scans generated by SDM communications failures.
  19. (Minor) Improved timing for the SDM-IO16.
  20. (Minor) Added the ability to detect and recover from lost communications to an SDM-SIO1.
  21. (Minor) Improved quiescent power drain for scans (~250mS) or faster.
  22. (Minor) Improved configuring control ports for serial communications operation.
  23. (Minor) SerialOpen() modified to configure the hardware port upon executing the SerialOpen() instruction. Previously, the presence of the instruction enabled the port prior to program execution. This change reduces power consumption.
  24. (Minor) Improved CELL2XX PPP throughput.
  25. (Minor) TableFile() now uses the correct timestamp when used with DataInterval() and GetDataRecord().
  26. (Minor) SDI-12 Terminal Mode now waits 2 seconds instead of 1 second for a sensor response.
  27. (Minor) LoggerNet file retrieval now works correctly with a wild card name when scheduled data collection is also enabled in LoggerNet.
  28. (Minor) WaitDigTrig() now works correctly in Slow Sequences.
  29. (Minor) A compile error now occurs if WaitDigTrig() is used inside a loop within a Scan.
  30. (Minor) The CELL2xx PPP reset now works correctly on power up.
  31. (Minor) MenuPick() with constants now works correctly.
  32. (Minor) Improved retention of data logger settings when updating operating systems.
  33. (Minor) Improved CPI communications to CDM peripherals.
  34. (Minor) Improved SDI-12 v.1.4 compliance for the high-volume binary command per the verifier.
  35. (Minor) Improved operations of DataEvent() storage to an external card when removing the card during an event.
  36. (Minor) Improved operation of double-precision expressions.