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Campbell Scientific provides a range of road weather solutions to help network managers make informed, data driven decisions to keep transportation networks moving during adverse weather events including high winds, sand and dust storms, flooding, wildfires and winter road conditions.

Are you looking to upgrade a legacy RWIS network to an open platform alternative?

Campbell Scientific can help you upgrade legacy networks in whole or in part. Using our flexible open platform RPU, existing sensors can continue to be used or replaced and upgraded as budgets permit.

Do you need assistance in building your RWIS network?

Delivering a safe, efficient and effective road & highway maintenance service is a fine balance between minimizing costs and environmental impact. Campbell Scientific systems can flex and scale to suit any budget, from full RWIS systems through to Mini-RWIS, smart infill sensors and fully customized RWIS systems.

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Customize a System

In addition to our standard systems available, many of the systems we provide are customized. Tell us what you need, and we’ll help you configure a system that meets your exact needs.

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Full RWIS Systems

Feature-rich, high-quality, reliable, open-platform systems

Campbell Scientific‘s full RWIS systems offer a complete range of RWIS measurements, ideal for primary forecast sites requiring a full feature RWIS station.

Providing a sensor-agnostic, future-proof open platform solution, Campbell Scientific is the ideal choice for upgrading legacy RWIS networks. Supporting industry standard communication protocols, clients have multiple options to access their data including Campbell Cloud data services.

Key features:

  • Open-platform hardware – sensor agnostic, future proof systems ideal for upgrading legacy networks to an open platform RWIS network
  • Robust and reliable - utilizes Campbell Scientific’s core data acquisition technology, representing excellent value and low cost of ownership over a network lifespan
  • Flexible design – adaptable, client-centric systems to meet various budgets and needs


What if you don’t have AC power at your preferred location?

Mini-RWIS Systems

Off-grid systems in a cost-effective package

Mini-RWIS solutions are the ideal solution for densifying existing road weather networks and creating new networks in locations without AC power. These solar-powered systems feature a range of standard non-invasive road and meteorological measurements optimized for off-grid usage.

Mini-RWIS delivers true off-grid RWIS stations deployable anywhere with cellular communications coverage. Data can be managed and visualized using Campbell Cloud data services or exported to 3rd party software systems using industry standard communication protocols.

Key features:

  • Multiple sensor options – feature rich, flexible, compact RWIS system
  • Lower installation costs – no AC power or additional roadside cabinets required
  • Solar powered – no longer restricted to locations with AC power
  • Robust and reliable - utilizes Campbell Scientific’s field proven core data acquisition technology











Are you looking to densify your existing RWIS network with low-cost smart infill sensors?

Smart Sensors (EU sites only)

Self-powered, non-invasive, semi-mobile, 24/7 data


Wintersense™ is a fully integrated non-invasive smart sensor that is an order of magnitude more cost effective to install and maintain compared to other measurement solutions. With integrated power and communications and no complex installation or road construction requirements, Wintersense is the ideal solution for densifying and expanding measurement networks. Data is collected and transmitted 24/7 which can be used by winter maintenance forecast providers to direct real time operations.

Key Features

  • Non-invasive sensor – delivers air temp, humidty and dew point measurements
  • Easy to install – just strap it to existing street furniture or simple road-side poles
  • Integrated sensor, power and comms – fully integrated smart sensor with no separate power or communications needed
  • Data automatically transmitted to secure cloud platform, where clients can visualize / export / manage data
  • Semi-mobile sensor means it is easy to redeploy around your network, for example in troublesome hotspots or thermal profiling over all weather conditions


Campbell Scientific has extensive experience providing transportation weather monitoring solutions for a range of applications such as:

  • Winter road conditions
  • Wind monitoring on bridges, highways and railways
  • Road flood monitoring systems
  • Visibility monitoring for sand and dust storms
  • Wildfires and burn scar monitoring


Do you need installation, maintenance and ongoing support?

Project Services

End-to-end Project Management, lifecycle services and support

Campbell Scientific can offer a complete end to end project management service including training and technical support and technical resource throughout. We have a dedicated global project team able to provide a project management service capable of flexing to accommodate the largest of projects.

Services can be provided in whole as a complete project or in part as discrete services.

Key features:

  • Project services delivered by measurement experts
  • Global project team able to support across time zones
  • High degree of technical and field experience


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  1. La plupart de nos systèmes sont conçus à partir de composants individuels. Cela offre une très grande flexibilité à nos clients, mais ne se prête pas à la tarification d'un système "type". Veuillez contacter un de nos ingénieurs d'applications dans votre domaine de mesure (environnemental, industriel) pour vous aider à évaluer un système qui répond à vos besoins.

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